"I like the teamwork involved in my job, taking everyone's assets and putting them all together."

In North America, the video game industry generates more revenue than the film industry.

Chantal Fournier is a 2D animator for ICE Multimedia. Chantal is an avid gamer herself. A love for games is critical if you want to be successful in this industry. Many game company job listings read "qualified individuals must play and love games." That was no problem for Chantal.

Did you know? One of the earliest attempts at animation can be found in an Egyptian wall decoration circa 2000 BC.

Chantal's job pays $22,000 a year to start, but she says the salary rises quickly if you are good at what you do. In the future, Chantal wants to become a lead graphic artist or an artistic director.

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Chantal first applied her drawing ability to a career in fashion design. Then she fashioned a career of her own design, one that fuses drawing with computer software.

Game companies get thousands of job inquiries a year. So it really helps to know someone in the business.


Education: DEC in fashion design, 3D animation program at the National Animation and Design Centre

Hobbies: Video games, long walks, playing pool