"I'm sure that other women would love this kind of work but they have to be
passionate about it. "

Canada exports about $65 billion in forest products annually.

Chantal Isabelle is a forest technician. Chantal is responsible for ensuring that all kinds of development done on forested land is done well and in accordance with the permits obtained. For example, if a developer needs to trim branches off trees on his land to facilitate access, she will follow the process with the developer from start to finish. She'll make sure the work is done well, that the trees have not been damaged and that the forest remains healthy.

Did you know? There are 250 million hectares of productive forest in Canada.

Chantal is convinced that other women would really enjoy this kind of work, especially if they like the outdoors and are in good physical condition.

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You have to love nature and be resourceful to do this work. Chantal often spends whole days in the woods in all kinds of weather, sometimes in very difficult terrain. But you also need good communication skills to work effectively with the developers.

It was towards the end of her college studies that Chantal decided to follow her heart. She left the sciences to go into forestry. And she had to convince her father that she was doing the right thing. Now she loves her work and even thinks of pursuing her studies in engineering.


Education: DEC in Forestry at the St-Félicien CEGEP

Hobbies: Hiking and camping