"I love my job because it's constantly changing. Robotics is a fairly new field. It's on the forefront of technology and there are always new things coming out to play with."

A robot is any automated machine programmed to replace human effort.

Cheryl Hyrnkiw and her husband design and manufacture robot kits, mostly for educational purposes. They're really cool! Cheryl loves her home-based robotics business because it's an opportunity to always be at the forefront of technology. And there are always new toys to play with. Just check out her home. It's overrun with electronic critters of all sorts.

Did you know? The biggest robot ever built was the Tyrannosaurus Rex from the movie Jurassic Park.

Cheryl pays herself $28,000 a year from her company, but the industry average for her job is between $60,000 and $70,000 US. Cheryl's future plans are to take a step back from the day to day administrative work of her business and get more into the hands-on technical work. She wants the company to focus on research and find even more practical applications for their robots.

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Cherylís research could one day result in robots that have a practical, useful application that everyone can benefit from, over and above the educational aspect and fun her kits now provide. In the meantime, she still enjoys bringing high tech robotics into the lives of her customers, especially the kids.

Some of the new product research Cheryl is doing could really explode. She is currently working on developing robotic bomb disposal units and land mine seek and destroy systems.


Education: Mechanical Engineering Program, SAIT

Hobbies: Figure skating, robot games