"I love working outside with the changing scenery. I have the most beautiful office in the world."

BC Ferries serves up to 46 ports of call on 25 routes throughout coastal British Columbia.

Gina Gray is a deckhand with BC Ferries and is working her way up to Second Officer. She took her Watchkeeping certificate at the Pacific Marine Training Campus and got some hands on experience in the Navy. This combination was her ticket onboard the Queen of New Westminster. The ship is 130 meters long with 15,000 horsepower and room for 286 cars. It may sound like a lot to handle, but Gina's got it covered.

Did you know? BC Ferries carried about 21 million passengers and 7.9 million vehicles in 2000.

Gina makes $20 an hour and works ten hour days, five days on and five days off. She likes working at the BC Ferry Corporation because they offer great benefits. Her future goals are to move up through second and first officer and eventually become a captain.

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Gina enjoys the responsibility her job offers. She says the work is always changing and, although some days are uneventful, her job can get very intense in emergency situations.

Gina did a lot of other things before choosing a career on the ocean. She went to theater and film school, and even did some production work on a few films. Nowadays, her role at BC Ferries has all the production elements she requires.


Education: Watchkeeping certificate, Pacific Marine Training Campus

Hobbies: Rollerblading, kayaking, skiing and sailing