"I like how diverse my job is. There are so many different areas I can go into like manufacturing, sales, public relations, human resources or process control."

The wood products industry is highly concentrated, with just a few companies supplying a large majority of the lumber.

Jodie MacDonald is a sawmill production coordinator. She's a liaison between the sales force at Weyerhaeuser who market lumber and the sawmills that produce it.

Jodie decided on a career in wood products after researching different education programs. She found a wood products course that had a 98 per cent placement rate with starting salaries between $40,000 and $60,000 a year. After graduating from the two year course she landed her job at Weyerhaeuser.

Did you know? Nine out of ten North American homes are built with wood.

Jodie’s advice to women looking to pursue a career in wood products is to not get discouraged, even if you’re the only girl in the classroom or the workplace. She thinks other women would enjoy her job because there is constant problem solving and every day is new and different.

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Wood products turned out to be a great fit for Jodie. Her supervisor says that with the kind of diversity the industry offers, a wood products career offers something for everyone. However, it still is very male dominated.

Jodie likes to meet challenges head on and her work with the sawmills is no different. She really enjoys her job and encourages women to open their minds to other opportunities and try something new!


Education: 2 year Wood Products program at BCIT

Hobbies: Training for Iron Man Canada