"Life as an artillery officer is never boring. There are always new challenges and so much to learn. Iíve had some extraordinary experiences, and I know there are many more adventures in my future."

Personnel costs account for 45% of the defense budget.

Julie Brazeauís job has a lot of fire power. She is an artillery captain with the army. Sheís also the Troop Commander for the Air Defense Troop. Her job is to ensure ground troops in the field are defended against air attack.

After high school, Julie worked in the reserves as an artillery gunner. From there she decided to join full-time under the Regular Officer Training Plan. The program is a military scholarship. It pays for four years at Military College in return for five years of service after graduation. Julie majored in computer science and mathematics.

Did you know? 94% of Canadians agree that peacekeeping requires combat-ready forces.

Julie makes $4,500 a month as an artillery captain. She works eight and a half hour days, five days a week. She occasionally works overtime and she can be called away from vacation in times of crisis. Itís all a part of the job. In the future she would like to transfer into Public Affairs with the Army. If you are interested in a career in the Canadian Forces check out recruiting.dnd.ca.

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Julie got her university education subsidized by the Canadian Forces. If you want to attend the Royal Military College of Canada or be subsidized at a civilian university, apply at a Canadian Forces Recruiting Center near you.

Julie has had some fascinating experiences as an artillery captain. Are you interested in a career working with high tech equipment like gun and missile systems, surveillance and acquisition radars and fire control computers? Well then maybe a career as an artillery officer is for you.


Education: Royal Military College, major in computer science and mathematics

Hobbies: Skydiving