"I first got started in agriculture by picking fruit in Western Canada. I like what I do now because Iím a strong believer in ecological agriculture."

Canada's food prices are among the lowest in the world.

Julie Couillard is a production coordinator for an organic vegetable farm. Julie does everything from preparing the soil and sowing the seeds to watering and fertilization. She also packages and ships the final product to the customer.

The farm is operated on the basis of Community Sustainable Agriculture (CSA). People help fund the farm activities and in return, are provided with organic vegetables on a weekly basis. Some organic products are purchased from the US and Mexico.

Did you know? About 30% of CSA farms are owned by women.

Julie likes her job because it allows her to spend her days outdoors. She currently makes minimum wage and says the only way to make more is to stay with the same employer for a long time. Her skills can be used in other areas of the industry such as in greenhouses, nurseries and other farms. Julie, however, likes her job and wants to remain in organic agriculture.

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Growing organically can be a challenge without the usual pesticides to protect the crops. Julie monitors her vegetables closely to make sure they are getting everything they need to grow and prosper.

Julieís days are between eight to ten hours, depending on the season. When she takes time out from her farming day, Julie still likes to be close to nature.


Education: One year course in ecological garden horticulture, CFAM (Centre de formation agricole de Mirabel)

Hobbies: Sailing, paragliding and cross-country skiing