"It's a great job. I also go out into the field where it's all being done. It's not just all in the office."

Canadian natural gas accounted for 94% of US gas imports in the first half of 2000.

Kandy Hubl is a health, safety and environmental coordinator for Vista Midstream Solutions, a gas company in Alberta. Kandy's job is to help ensure her company meets all the industry's environmental and safety regulations. It's a complex job that requires her to understand detailed written requirements and translate them into action on-site.

Kandy likes the independence her job offers. She has freedom to make decisions on her own and gets the satisfaction of taking a project from concept to completion.

Did you know? 26% of Canadian electricity generation in 1999 came from oil, gas and coal.

Kandy's job pays between $30,000 and $70,000 a year plus full benefits and stock options. She works an average ten hours a day and even longer if she's working in the field. Kandy plans on staying at Vista Midstream Solutions for a long while. Eventually she may go into consulting.

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Kandy grew up on a farm with the oil and gas industry right in her back yard, literally. Her knowledge of oil and gas was a great resource once she began a career in the business.

Kandy’s job is very multi-faceted. One day she could be in the office doing detailed regulation analysis and writing reports. The next day she might be out in the field, digging for soil samples.


Education: 2 year program in Land Resource Management, Olds College

Hobbies: Reading and staying current with environmental news