"I love the beautiful sunny days and I get to be out there in the middle of the most beautiful land. It's just gorgeous."

There are about 180 different tree species found in Canada.

To see heli-logging pilot Karen Trimmer in action is quite amazing. The guys on the ground trust her with their lives as she hoists huge logs out of the woods, into the air and down to the water with a twin blade helicopter capable of immense lifting power. She's as at home in the pilot's seat as she is being the only girl in a fly in float camp. Her work mates treat her like a sister and respect her like the pro logger she is.

Did you know? About 700 million trees are planted annually in Canada.

Karen says her job is great because the money is good and she gets to fly. Karen makes about $95,000 a year. Once you have more experience you can make up to $140,000 annually. It's a good job if you like the outdoors too, because you're outside all the time!

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Karen really flew at her helicopter training. The first day up you get the controls. At $40,000 for the training, however, it’s a fairly pricey ride. But the payoff, financially and personally, is well worth it for Karen.

After a long day on the job, Karen gets to go home… to a barg camp. It has all the comforts of home, the food is great and the people are just like family. Karen even gets a bit of time to catch up on her reading.


Education: Commercial helicopter's license, Vancouver Island Helicopters

Hobbies: Water skiing, snow skiing and mountain biking