"It’s a different way to live when you’re in agriculture. You need a good sense of organization."

Close to 80% of new Canadian businesses operating full-time are home-based.

The next time you have pancakes, check to see if you are using genuine maple syrup. Maple syrup entrepreneur Lisa Nadeau could taste test that for you with her eyes closed.

Lisa and her husband live on a dairy farm that also produces maple syrup. Lisa wanted to do something creative to enhance the character of the farm and started the Sugar House. Now, she makes all sorts of maple syrup products and exports them to the US and Europe. And she runs her farm as a tourist spot for families with a sweet tooth.

Did you know? Nearly half of Canadian woman entrepreneurs are under 45.

After seven years at her business Lisa is starting to see a profit from her work. She doesn’t know how many hours she works and can only say that it is a lot. She does manage two weeks off in the winter and in the summer though. In the future she would like to do her Ph.D. in medicine or maybe open a similar farm elsewhere. Whatever she does she will always look for a challenge.

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Lisa says it takes passion to have your own business. Itís challenging, creative and very fulfilling. She really enjoys it.

Lisa has about 2,700 maple syrup taps on the go all over her farm. Itís no wonder she can produce so many goodies! She still manages to find time to relax though. Lisa takes time out to sing in a choir and is an avid reader of classic novels.


Education: Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Psychology, University of Sherbrook

Hobbies: Singing, reading