"Other people would like this job because it's fast paced and demanding. The day always goes by quickly."

There are about 3,350 different businesses in the forest sector.

Dispatch attendant Lorraine Muskwa works for Alberta-Pacific Industries Inc., a large pulp mill company in Alberta. Her resume of forest industry jobs and education includes everything from stand tending to environmental evaluations. This background is all part of Lorraine’s ideal career goal, being a registered professional forester.

Did you know? The annual tree harvest in Canada is about 180 million cubic meters.

Lorraine's current job as a dispatcher pays between $40,000 and $60,000 a year. There are a lot of other areas in forestry she can branch into as well. She could work in field operations, reforestation, forest protection, fire fighting or be a woodlands coordinator.

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Lorraine is one of those people who’s constantly learning. Her approach to the job is the kind of attitude forest industry employers look for. Build on your knowledge, set goals and move forward. There are plenty of places to go in this business!

Lorraine works 12 hour shifts, four days on and four days off. But when she isn’t working she likes to get outside. One of her favorite places to spend time off is on the golf course.


Education: 2 year Forestry Technology program, NAIT

Hobbies: Rollerblading, camping and fishing