"My job is a nice challenge for a woman who likes physical work and a male environment."

In 1999 Canada produced 7.7 million cubic meters of Oriented Strandboard (OSB).

Composite technologist Marie-Claude Giguere works on the testing and fabrication of OSB board, otherwise known as oriented strand board. OSB is basically an engineered wood product comprised of strands of wood oriented in a certain way and glued and pressed together to create boards, very strong boards.

Marie Claude’s job is to help ensure the right mix of elements are used to create the boards, in order to create a quality product that meets specifications.

Did you know? In 1999, Canadian Oriented Strandboard (OSB) production increased 22% over 1998.

Marie-Claude’s job pays $25,000 a year. With more experience you can earn up to $60,000. She works eight and a half hours a day and only seven hours on Friday, with every second Friday off. In the future, she would like to move up to a technical advisor position, which pays about $80,000 a year.

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Marie-Claude orients a lot of her work activities toward evaluating the quality and performance of OSB. She conducts a variety of tests to determine product capabilities, then writes up detailed reports that will be used in the creation or enhancement of OSB products.

Making a difference in the outcome of the activities at the lab is very satisfying for Marie-Claude. However, when she’s not spending time with wood in the lab, she spends it in the forest, enjoying fresh air and the beautiful outdoors. Camping and fishing is her method of getting away from it all.


Education: DEC in education, DEC in biochemistry

Hobbies: Fishing, hiking and 4x4ing