"The best thing about my job is the versatility. No two days are alike and you can work indoors or outdoors."

Canada is the world's fifth largest energy producer.

Melanie Bowman is a power engineer for AEC. They take raw gas and process it to make the gas a useable commodity. It's amazing how one's life is changed by mentors in a business. Melanie spent four years working for a financial company before deciding to change careers. She spoke with a power engineering instructor at the local college. She decided to go for it. Good choice! She got hired at the Alberta Energy Company right after graduation.

Did you know? 30% of Canada's energy production was exported in 1999.

To be an operator at the Alberta Energy Company, the starting wage is $36,000. With more experience and qualifications you can earn up to $58,000. Melanie's future goals include remaining at AEC. She would like to get her second class steam ticket and become a board operator.

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Safety is definitely number one with this company. Melanie's work requires many specific qualifications but if you're looking to get into a career like this, rest assured that students can get on the job work experience with a company like AEC. There are a lot of jobs in this field.


Education: Power Engineering program, Grade Prairie Regional College

Hobbies: Gardening