"I like it underground. People don't realize how big it is. I've been working there for three years and I still haven't seen the whole mine."

The average mine worker in Canada spends 21 years in the industry.

Grade control technician Shalni Prowse spends a lot of time underground doing quality checks on the ore that miners take out. Ore quality changes as the miners work through an ore vein. It has to be of high enough quality to be mined cost effectively. So when her samples indicate that the ore quality has diminished in one part of the mine, she has the miners move to another location underground. For Shalni, it s a dirty job but very enjoyable!

Did you know? The Canadian mining industry is a world leader in environmentally safe and clean mining practices.

Shalni makes about $50,000 a year. That can go up considerably depending on how many weekends she works. Shalni encourages other women to consider a career in mining because it pays well and there are lots of opportunities for women. She says her bosses would like to hire more women, but that women don't apply.

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While a lot of people may be in the dark about mining, Shalni believes many women would really like her job.

On the surface and off the job, Shalni’s schedule allows her time to pursue many interests, mostly outdoors. She lives in a small community near her family and takes her dog along on most outings. From archery to skiing, Shalni’s right on target!


Education: 2 year course in Renewable Resource Management, Lethbridge College

Hobbies: Highland dance, hunting, fishing, skiing and archery