"Other women would like my job because of the flexible hours, good benefits and the fun, dynamic people you get to work with."

Gaming industry analysts predict that as video game systems get more realistic, there will be an ever greater demand for people with 3D animation skills.

Sophie Gagnon is a background modeler for Radical Entertainment. Sophie has always had an interest in the arts, but hadn't used a computer much until she went to film school. Now her computer is your portal to the fantasy world of video games.

Sophie applies her interest in animation and entertainment to build the game environment, such as trees, buildings and landscapes. It's a job she absolutely loves!

Did you know? 84% of Canadian teens play video games.

Sophie's job pays in the $40,000 range. It comes with full benefits including a gym and free food at work as well as free hockey, skiing and basketball passes. Her advice to other women is to make a good demo reel because your ability to get a good job hinges on it.

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After a nearly a decade in jewelry design, Sophie decided to change course and follow her desire to create. At Radical, Sophie’s found her niche.

Sophie finds her job is very rewarding because every day she sees the results of her work. And she thrives on the dynamic, energetic work environment. When Sophie’s not at Radical, she devotes her passion to the arts.


Education: One year Classical Animation course, Vancouver Film School

Hobbies: Painting, drawing, making jewelry, running