"Don't think that going to school will teach you everything. Make sure that you try to spend a couple of months on a farm."

A fish health technician earns approximately $3,200/month.


While going to work for some people can involve traffic jams and parking problems, that's not the case for fish health technician Camille Wiencke. She goes to work by boat.

Camille's job is to look after the health of the Chinook salmon at a fish farm near Tofino, British Columbia. Camille doesn't actually treat the fish - that's a veterinarian's job - but she monitors and checks the salmon regularly to make sure that there are no problems.

Aquaculture has given Camille an opportunity to travel and gain international work experience. She has been exposed to many different species in France, Scotland, New Zealand, Turkey and now in Canada.

Did you know? About 85% of BC farmed salmon is exported, primarily to the US and Japanese markets.

Camille really enjoys the diversity of her job. She spends a lot of time working outside in the fresh air, which is great when it's sunny. However, when the west coast becomes the "wet coast", Camille's indoor tasks are a welcome diversion.

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Camille monitors the fish health to ensure that they grow in the best possible conditions. If fish die, she will inspect them to identify mortality causes. Diseases, poor water conditions or toxic plankton must be detected early so that appropriate action can be taken. Otherwise, there will be a significant impact on productivity rates.

Camille likes her job because she gets to apply her biology knowledge to aquaculture. She understands how living organisms work and what can be done to enhance their living conditions. Coming up with more efficient and effective ways to raise salmon is one of the challenges of Camille's job.


Education: 2 year program in aquaculture in France; BA in Biology from the University of Leo, France.

Hobbies: Sewing, cooking, home improvement and decoration, photography.