"I just love my job. When a client phones you and thanks you, when I feel that I've helped somebody, I feel really good about that."

A stock broker earns $50,000 and more per year, depending on the number of clients.


Charlotte Faulkner is a stock broker at Odlum Brown in Vancouver, British Columbia. She looks after the financial interests of companies and individuals by helping them invest money, mainly in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Charlotte's up early to follow the markets and keep her clients' portfolios on track.

There are a lot of ups and downs when you're a stock broker. It can be emotionally demanding. No one can consistently predict market performance. In order to give expert financial advice, a stock broker has to stay ahead of the latest investment trends.

Did you know? About 40,000 people work in the investment industry in Canada.

As a child, Charlotte wanted to go into art, but came to realize the inherent beauty of the Canadian loony. Hundreds of thousands of loonies, that is. What the heck, she can always paint in her spare time. Her family's dinner time chats about stocks must've rubbed off on her.

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When Charlotte meets with a client for the first time, she helps him/her identify financial goals by taking into account the client's income, assets, liabilities and other factors. Even though the client makes all investment decisions, Charlotte plays an important role by presenting a number of options, making recommendations and keeping the client informed.


Education: Canadian Securities Course; Registered Rep Exam; BA in geography and economics; 2 year Canadian Investment Managers' Course; 1 year Canada Case Fellowship.

Hobbies: Playing tennis, skiing, walking the dog, watching movies, going out for dinner, renovating and decorating the house, traveling and hiking.