"I enjoy what I am doing. I see lots of room for improvement and advancement. And I can see myself doing this until retirement."

A single tire of a haul truck weighs about 34,000 lb.


If you've ever wondered what it's like to drive a small house, check out Chelsea Orvis's wheels. They are very, very big.

Chelsea works at the tar sands of Fort McMurray in northern Alberta, hauling excavated oil rich material to the mill for processing. Once the oil is removed, the remaining material is hauled back.

Did you know? In summer, a haul truck consumes 240 litres of fuel per hour.

Chelsea likes her work, but cuts to the chase when it comes to salary. Payday's the best part of the job and why wouldn't it be. With overtime, an experienced operator can make upwards of a hundred grand a year!

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Heavy equipment operation offers quite a range of job opportunities, none of which were on Chelsea's resume when she wheeled in to apply. Chelsea's background was office work and a university education. Being a desk jockey was not her driving ambition however. After coming across an ad for heavy equipment training at a local college, Chelsea chose a different route to success.


Education: College diploma in mining operations.

Hobbies: Snowmobiling, car restoration.