"I love winning. It's the most amazing feeling. It's a big adrenaline rush when you know that you're far in front."

Over 35,000 people work in the gaming industry in Canada.


Leanne M. Painter's career was off to the races when she got into gaming as a thoroughbred jockey. Clients who like her riding style get her to ride their horses.

With just a very light saddle between her and a lot of horsepower, Leanne races these speed machines at over 50 km an hour. There's danger, excitement and little room for mistakes. It's all in a day's work for Leanne, a day that starts at around five in the morning.

Did you know? Over half of Canadian charities rely on gaming grants as one of their top 3 funding sources.

Leanne can't eat much before a race. She has to be at her posted weight and this is checked before every race. Leanne's race weight is around a 118 lb, including her saddle and race gear. Salad anyone?

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Racing takes a lot of nerve. And a lot of cash, if you're an owner. That's why they call horse racing the sport of kings. When a horse does win, the jockey and the owner split the purse based on a percentage. And let's not forget the gamblers. It's an exciting sport to watch, especially when you've got money riding on it.


Education: Training at a racetrack.

Hobbies: Playing with her dog.