"I like being in the military because of the chance to be loyal to one employer, but you can do many different jobs. You are able to multitask and learn a lot of different things."

While at Royal Military College, the starting salary for students is about $1,200 per month. Upon graduation, this increases to over $3,000 a month.


If there's one thing everyone knows about boats - or "ships" as they call them in the Navy - it's that they require a lot of maintenance. And that's where maritime engineer Melissa Vanhorn comes in. Missy's job is to help coordinate the people and resources needed to maintain and operate the various ship systems. From planning major repair work to tuning up her team's career plans, Missy has the tools for the job.

Missy first learned about the military from her father, who used to tell her fascinating tales about his time with the Navy. Now, she's got a few stories of her own.

Did you know? The ship Melissa works on has four 850 kW generators. They can produce enough energy to power a small town with 1,300 homes.

Canadian Forces offers free education and guess what, you get paid to go to school! Missy's experience and degree paves her way into a variety of jobs in the civilian world. However, her current work offers job security, a pension and enough challenge to keep her on the run for some time yet.

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Missy's job doesn't involve getting down and dirty with repair and maintenance work, but she has to be able to gauge the ship's technical condition. She goes below and watches the equipment in operation, checks the gauges and basically ensures that everything is functioning according to spec.


Education: Royal Canadian Military College Additional military training.

Hobbies: Running, cooking, dancing, yoga.