The starting wage for a tarmac heavy equipment operator is approximately $19.00 per hour.


For Tarmac Heavy Equipment Operator Nathalie Desrosier, the more non-traditional the job, the better. She's cleared a path for other women, working first as a railway conductor before landing a job at Dorval International airport near Montreal as an equipment operator. She helps keep the runways in perfect condition in rain or shine… or in several tons of snow.

Nathalie can operate all types of heavy equipment at the airport. This involves clearing snow, de-icing the landing area and performing basic maintenance duties on the machinery.

Did you know? Close to 100,000 people work in heavy equipment operation across Canada.

Nathalie enjoys the solitude of her job. Even in a team, she works alone, because the only contact when in action is over the radio. Her easy-going personality is an asset in this male dominated environment. She takes things with a grain of salt, just as they do.

Nathalie now works as a helicopter pilot.

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Nathalie's services at the airport are only required in the winter, so "Have red seal - can travel" would be her motto. With a red seal trade certification, you can work anywhere in Canada. Nathalie has her eye on a construction project in the James Bay area that will be hiring over six thousand Heavy Equipment Operators.


Education: 6 month heavy equipment apprenticeship Railway conductors' A card.

Hobbies: Outdoor activities, skiing, snowmobiling.