A games designer earns $70,000 or more per year.


Suzie Dumont is a multi media whiz who played the hit and miss game of the freelance world for a while before signing on as a Lottery Games Designer for Ingénio, a subsidiary of Lotto Quebec. You can win money playing the interactive games they sell.

Suzie scored her job from a newspaper ad and became part of the start up team. The gamble paid off. Her responsibilities now consist of coordinating the creative team and bringing new games to fruition.

Did you know? 7 out of 10 Canadians participate in gambling activities annually.

Suzie works with a team of programmers, graphic artists and creative directors for eighteen months to produce a new interactive game for Lotto Quebec. While users might win a pot of gold playing the game, creating it is the jackpot for Suzie.

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In Canada, nearly 4 billion dollars a year in gaming revenues is given to charity. In reality, you don't have to play an Ingénio game in order to win. You just need to buy the winning ticket. But the idea is to enjoy the game.


Education: MBA in multimedia, BA in communications, College diploma in psychology.

Hobbies: Taking care of her son, reading.