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"I would recommend that anyone interested should volunteer for cable TV stations to get experience with the machines. Work hard, don't give up and be humble at the beginning. Sometimes, it is who you know."

Vancouver is still the second largest motion picture production centre outside of Los Angeles.


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Andrea Dixon works as a senior film colorist for Rainmaker, a company that provides complete post-production services, on-line editing, film developing, special effects, and multi-media. Andrea turns photo images into electronic images for color correction. She creates the 'look' for a show. Some of the shows Andrea has worked on include X-Files and Millennium. Also, she worked on 'Aftershock: Earthquake in New York,' and a mini-series for A&E named "Barnum."

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Andrea first developed her interest in television production through photography, which she took up when she was 16. She enrolled in a two-year Television Production program. During her first term at BCIT, she started working at Rainmaker Imaging.

Did you know? The most important technological change to influence special effects was computers with enough memory to store massive amounts of images.

For those who are interested in this line of work, Andrea recommends volunteering for cable TV stations to get experience with the machines. Hard work is necessary, as well as perseverance and a sense of humility as a beginner. According to Andrea, it's sometimes your connections that can help you 'break into' the field. The salary for a colourist can be over 60K per year, depending on experience.

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When Andrea received her first camera at the age of 16, she never dreamed that her interest in photography would one day result in a high tech creative job in film post production. Now she moves viewers between fantasy and reality with the flick of a wrist. Andrea is a senior film colorist working on shows such as X-Files, Millennium and Stargate-SG1.


Education: Two year Television Production program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology

Hobbies: Horse racing, soccer, baseball, camping, trout fishing and gardening