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"Educate yourself first, then look for a company that offers the opportunity to grow and learn. Follow your passion and the money will come."



Lack of skilled workers is the number one barrier to the growth of information technology companies.




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Coraleigh Hine is a Computer Sales and Service Support Technician who works for "Business Pro Computers". Her duties include on-site customer support, installing desktop systems, software and user interfaces, peripheral maintenance (printers, palm organizers, scanners), server software upgrades and user network administration, diagnosing and dispatching of all system problems, responding to customer requests for hardware/software quotes and customer follow through to ensure needs are met.

After she had graduated from high school, Coraleigh went straight to BCIT into a two-year program called Automated Business Equipment Technician. In her second year, she specialized in computers.

Coraleigh- action shot

There are three things that Coraleigh likes best about the field. She enjoys the problem solving, she likes interacting with people and she enjoys the challenge of learning new things.

Did you know? In the first decade of this century there will be an estimated shortfall of 50,000 Canadian employees in information technology.

The benefits of being in the computer industry are great. There are tremendous opportunities in all areas and new ones arise quickly as the industry changes extremely fast. It offers a range of salaries based on knowledge and technical skills. According to Coraleigh, a Novell NetWare Engineer with 5 years experience can make approximately $65,000 per year.

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If you want to buy a computer, or have one fixed, Computer Sales and Service Technician Coraliegh Hine is the person to call.

Coraleigh Hine went straight from high school into a two-year training program focused on automated business equipment. In her second year she decided to specialize in computers, knowing that the career possibilities would be endless.

Today, Coraleigh spends about half her workday selling computers, an unusual sight in that male dominated career. The other half of her time is spent servicing and repairing computer. It's a good format for her drive.


Education: Automated Business Equipment Technician program at British Columbia Institute of Technology

Hobbies: Snowboarding, reading, dancing