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The most rewarding aspect of being a paramedic: "Taking care of people and saving lives!"


Danielle makes around $37,000.00 per year plus benefits.



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Danielle Gagnon is a paramedic with Urgence Sante in Quebec. She gives pre-hospital care for the people who call 911 and transports them to the hospital. She currently works nights (10pm - 7am).

Danielle has a DEC (diploma) in nursing and an AEC in "Technique ambulancière" at Ahunsic (north of Montreal). Although she used to work as a nurse, she felt that her life in the hospital was not allowing her to achieve her goals.

Danielle - action shot

The job appeals to Danielle because it involves taking care of people and saving lives. It's an interesting job and there IS a place for women in it. However, she stresses that it is physically demanding.

Danielle has to lift patients in stretchers up and down stairs and in and out of the ambulance. She believes she can do her job even if she has children, but would have to adjust her schedule. She says "You can get burned out on the job." Danielle advises that it helps to separate work from home.

Did you know? The concept of paramedics was first established during the Vietnam War.

Danielle has never had problems working amongst the male paramedics and believes she won't as long as she is strong physically and can back up her partner.

Her salary is around $37,000 a year (with benefits and a pension plan).

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Danielle was working as a lifeguard when a little four-year girl suffered a respiratory arrest. As she watched the paramedics work on the child, Danielle knew then what she wanted to do.

Now, as an emergency medical technician, Danielle has achieved her goal of working with an ambulance service. Every day offers new challenges and the reward of helping people in need.


Education: DEC in nursing and an AEC in "Ambulance Technician" at Ahunsic (north of Montreal)

Hobbies: Skating, trapeze courses, traveling