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"Dream big. You can do anything; you just have to find what you want to do."



Elizabeth's position has a salary range of $38,000 to $48,000 per year.



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Elizabeth Nethery works as a Product Support Engineer at a small company called Vorum Research Corp. The company - founded about 10 years ago - produces software for the prosthetics and orthotics industry. Elizabeth is mostly involved with technical/customer support. Some of her other duties include product testing and customization, as well as troubleshooting with customers that may not have a technical background.

Elizabeth - action shot

Elizabeth was drawn to this field because she really wanted to work in an engineering role that creates a product that helps people. The salary for someone in her position ranges from $38,000 to $48,000 per year.

Did you know? Approximately 21 percent of engineers are women.

When asked what it takes to make it in a non-traditional career, Elizabeth replied: "Dream big. You can do anything; you just have to find what you want to do. Don't be afraid to try, you'll never know if you like it until you try and you can always change careers, especially if you can make a decent living while you're doing it. There's a lot to be said for being in a field where the pay is good and you are in demand."

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Which people help to influence your decisions the most? Elizabeth Nethery credits one of her Grade 12 teachers.

Although English was her best subject, her teacher encouraged Elizabeth to pursue an engineering education. It's a decision Elizabeth has never regretted. With a degree in physics engineering, Elizabeth earns a good salary and enjoys a high level of job satisfaction. She helps people regain the use of their limbs with prosthetics.


Education: University of British Columbia

Hobbies: Rock climbing, backcountry and lift-area skiing, hiking, singing, playing ultimate Frisbee, and cycling