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"If you're seeking challenges, travel, adventure, to test your limits, the military is a great career. Every career has ups and downs, and this one requires hard work, but it's well worth it."




A captain makes between $45,000 and $75,000 depending on the number of years flying.




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Jamie Speiser is a captain in the Canadian Air Force. She flies Griffon helicopters and also serves as information systems officer and squadron harassment officer. As a helicopter pilot, her main role is to support the army. The army has mission requests - including troop and cargo transport, reconnaissance, command and liaison (liaison between units), and medical evacuations. Missions can be tactical (into enemy territory) but are mostly utility missions (administrative - peace-time work). Jamie has flown assistance on the Saguenay floods and Ice Storm 98. She has also been to Bosnia and Haiti.

Jamie went to the Royal Military College in Kingston and acquired a Bachelors degree in computer engineering in 1994. After university, she took pilot training at Shearwater, N.S. and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, flying small jets and then helicopters. Jamie received her wings in Portage La Prairie in 1996.

Jamie - action shot

Jamie has often wondered why there aren't more women in the military. Her theory is that women generally aren't aware that the military is open to them. She believes that the military is a great career for those who seek challenges, travel, adventure, and a way to test personal limits. The military may seem intimidating to women, but to Jamie, it seemed exciting. She admits it requires hard work but you get a free education and are paid while you go to school!

Did you know? The versatile Griffon helicopter has even been outfitted with thermal imaging equipment that can be used to locate forest fire hot spots.

If Jamie switched to a civilian life, she could become an engineer. As an officer, she has also acquired managerial skills that could be applied in the private sector. As a pilot though, she would have a pay drop in civilian life, and then have to work her way up again. A Canadian Forces pilot captain earns between $45,000 and $75,000 annually, depending on the years of experience. The career potential is also unlimited.

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Do you have any idea how much fun it is to fly a helicopter? Ask Captain Jamie Speiser. That's her job.

Captain Jamie Speiser is from a long tradition of military pilots. Her father, a military pilot and officer, presented Jaime with her wings when she graduated from flight school.

Jamie joined the military because she wanted the opportunity to help others, primarily through peacekeeping efforts. Currently assigned to fly Griffon helicopters, Jamie has assisted in a number of natural disasters as well as flown operational missions in Bosnia and Haiti.


Education: Bachelor degree in computer engineering from the Royal Military College in Kingston as part of RPTP

Hobbies: Kick-boxing, working out, volleyball