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"It's a fantastic career with many different avenues. If you enjoy working on the water, it's probably the job for you."




As well as having a great life on the ocean, Julie makes $33,000 a year plus benefits.




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Julie De Grandpre works for the Canadian Coast Guard / Hovercraft Unit as a Rescue Specialist/Diver. Her duties include everything from surface swimming to diving on a car, plane or boat wreck. Right now, she is qualified as a surface swimmer and bridge lookout. She is also nearly finished her training as a rescue diver. The particular Coast Guard base that she is working at (Sea Island, BC) is the busiest search and rescue unit in Canada.

Julie has always lived on boats (her dad was a fisherman), so it was natural to want to work on a boat. It's the freedom of working outdoors and she loves the ocean. Knowing that she is part of a part of team that can save lives is a great reward for her.

Julie - action shot

One of the benefits of the Coast Guard is the excellent on-the-job training. Even after Julie was hired, she was able to continue her education. Julie advises that you find out about the industry if you are interested in her type of job. She works on six-month contracts only, meaning her job position is renewed every 6 months. To turn down a placement, says Julie, would likely mean the end of your contract.

Did you know? The Canadian Coast has its own college on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. It offers a four year programme for certification as an officer in Marine Engineering or Navigation.

Julie works four days on and four days off. The day shifts are 10 hours and nights are 14 hours. Her position offers approximately $33,000 per year.

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One really cool mode of transport on the water is a Hovercraft. And that is how Julie De Grandpre gets around on the job.

Julie has lived most of her life on a boat, so it seemed only natural for her to work on one as well! As a rescue specialist for the Coast Guard, Julie is assigned to a hovercraft unit. During a typical day, her duties can range from doing a rescue dive to responding to an oil spill.

Whatever her job demands, Julie says she loves it all! Just as long as she can be near the oceanů


Education: Pacific Marine Training at British Columbia Institute of Technology

Hobbies: Diving, hiking, swimming, kayaking, snowboarding and working out at the gym