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"I'm very happy with what I do now. Usually, when someone rides along with me, by the end of the day, they want my job!"



Across Canada, less than 2% of truck drivers are women!




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Linda Simon works as a truck driver for Mantei's Transport, hauling fuel to service stations within the Edmonton area but also to some highway points. She often starts very early in the morning, arriving at work around 5 a.m.

What Linda enjoys most about trucking is the beauty of watching the sun rise every morning and the friendly staff that she sees every day at the refinery and stops. She also loves the familiarity of the job, because it's something that her father once did as well.

Linda - action shot

Linda admits that weather and road conditions can sometimes be frustrating, but she simply slows down during rough times. Truck drivers spend most of their time outside, so they have to be prepared for anything.

Linda graduated from high school with a Rutherford Scholarship. She then went on to take a hairdressing course. After working as a hairdresser for a couple years, she finally decided to pursue trucking as a career.

Did you know? There are more than 700,000 trucks travelling Canada's highways.

Linda believes that nowadays there is a more professional approach to being a truck driver. In general, there's a push for better education, truck simulators and driver awareness training.

Linda encourages other women to try truck driving as a career. Truck drivers earn $40,000 - $60,000 per year. For Linda, a great week is a 60-hour week.

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Linda has done a major U turn from her first career as a hairdresser, where she won the Miss Congeniality award during training. As a young girl Linda would sit alongside her truck driver dad and help steer. Later, when her father was injured in an accident, she took a seat in the family business and made it official.

Today, Linda hauls fuel for a major company. And yes, Miss Congeniality still wins the hearts of her coworkers and clients.


Education: Hairdressing course at NAIT

Hobbies: Spending time with her family, skiing, reading, skating, and roller blading