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"So far, it hasn't been too physical but you need to be in shape, you need to be good with your hands, and be logical, which can be frustrating when you're not sure about something."


Luce currently makes $26,000 per year. This will double when she becomes certified.


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Luce Gregoire is a first year apprentice electrician. Her job involves making conduit runs, connecting lines, drilling, putting lines in conduits, transformers, motors, switches, lights, heating, and thermostats. In the past, she has fixed street lights, traffic lights, and transformers.

Luce - action shot

Luce originally took a cinema program, then changed directions and went to the Options Non-traditionnels Organization in Longueuil. An 8-week orientation helped her decide on her current career choice.

Did you know? Less than 1% of electricians are women.

To find her present job, Luce called all contractors after receiving her DEP (diploma) in electricity and construction An apprentice wage begins at around $12.50 an hour. The pay increases with the number of hours completed and can reach to $25 an hour after certification.

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Luce Gregoire's mother wasn't shocked when Luce switched careers from cinema arts to trades electrician. In fact, Luce received a lot of support and encouragement.

It wasn't a snap decision. Luce took an 8-week orientation course to see what trade sparked her interest the most. Today, Luce is completely wired into her career, working on transformers, motors, switches, lights, and heating equipment.


Education: DEP in electricity and construction, Centre de Formation Professionnel Pierre Dupuis in Longueuil

Hobbies: Swimming, watching TV, music, renting movies, skating, walking