"There would be more women doing this I think if they knew this was a career option. This is a great job for women that want to stay strong and fit their whole life. The time off is great allowing one to pursue all sorts of other activities."


A First Class Firefighter makes around $52,000 per year with full benefits.


Pamela Kryskow is a professional firefighter for the Coquitlam Fire/Rescue Service in BC. As a firefighter, she attends emergencies such as fires, medical emergencies, high angle rescues, swift water rescues, confined space rescue, and vehicle accidents.

Firefighters work four shifts on and four shifts off. The first two are 10-hour day shifts. The second two are 14-hour night shifts. This is a perfect job for anyone wanting to start a family, as one would have six out of every eight days off. The time off is great as well - it allows Pam to pursue all sorts of other activities.

For the most part, the job is not as physically demanding as Pamela's previous job as a forestry fire fighter was. Pamela enjoys her work. Her coworkers are great and occasionally she feels rewarded when she gets to do something that really makes a difference to someone in the public.

Did you know? Less than 1 % of firefighters are female.

Pamela recommends this type of work to other women. She thinks that there would be more women doing this if only they knew this was a career option. She says it's a great job for women who want to stay strong and fit their whole lives.

A first class firefighter makes about $52 000, with full medical and dental benefits, and a good pension.

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The next time you see a fire truck racing by, try to imagine yourself in the driver's seat, racing through intersections, blasting the horn and pulling up to the latest emergency. That's basically a day in the life of Firefighter Pam Kryskow.

After spending four hot, dry summers fighting forest fires, Pam Kyrskow decided to apply for a position with a city fire department. To her surprise, she was accepted. Now, Pam works to save lives and property, instead of trees!

In addition to responding to fires and vehicle accidents, Pam is also trained for rescue in confined space, swift water, and high angle. There's always excitement on this job, along with excellent pay and benefits.


Education: Criminology degree

Hobbies: Working towards a science degree, rock climbing, hiking, running, building furniture, working at her cabin, lying in the hammock, enjoying life!