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Shauna is working within a salary range of $40,000 and $55,000 annually…plus she gets her own car!



Shauna Vollmer is a fire protection designer for Vipond Fire Protection, the largest fire protection contractor in Canada. She is presently a Service Manager, working with large industrial clients and smaller apartment building owner clients. Her job entails providing a large customer base with emergency service, inspections, maintenance and alterations to their fire protection systems as per their individual needs. She schedules crews of technicians and provides both the technicians and customers with technical fire code support.

Shauna took a two-year diploma program in Engineering Design and Drafting Technology at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). Fifteen percent of the students were women in her program.

In Shauna's job, the work is very fast paced with a high volume of jobs ongoing at any given time. There are no breaks between jobs and therefore no time to reorganize, clean up paperwork or take a breather before the next project starts. She is also on call with a pager and cell phone 24 hours a day -- and that takes some getting used to at first.

Did you know? Updated building codes have significantly increased the number of sprinkler systems and other fire protection systems that need to be designed and installed in modern structures.

Although her fire protection skills are pretty specific and possibly limiting, Shauna still believes that there are other opportunities in research, consulting and education (both technical and public). She also knows that she always has her design and computer drafting skills to fall back on that could lead her into other types of work in the future.

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Fire protection is something you don't really think about or notice until it's needed. Hopefully you've already talked with Fire Protection Designer Shauna Vollner.

Shauna's interest in fire protection was first sparked when three kids from her community were injured in a fire. Today, Shauna designs protection systems for structures ranging from small apartment buildings to large industrial complexes. What continues to motivate her is a burning desire to ensure that no-one suffers from the devastating effects of a fire…


Education: Diploma with honours in Telecommunication Engineering Technology from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Hobbies: Working in the yard, hiking with her dog, needlework, painting, Tai Chi

Member of: Alberta Society of Engineering Technologists, the Alberta Fire Service Instructors Association and the Canadian Automatic Sprinkler Association